Benefits of Visiting a Professional Acne Clinic

Just about every teenager at one point or another in their life has a problem with acne. It’s just part of growing up. However, with proper skin care, teenage acne does not need to develop into something that will scar the skin permanently. The best way for a teenager or for an adult who is battling with acne to prevent acne scarring is to minimize the frequency with which they have acne breakouts, as well as understand what the most effective way is to treat their acne. Both of these things can be done when you visit a professional acne clinic and get professional acne treatments.

Acne is caused by a multitude of reasons. But they all boil down to one or two things. When your skin produces too much oil, the oil clogs up the follicles in your skin. As a result of this, the clogged pores become irritated and inflamed, and this results in the acne that you have.

Unfortunately, acne does not treat everyone the same. There could be two individuals who have equally oily skin, but they both won’t develop acne equally. There are some underlying conditions that will determine whether or not a person gets acne or acne scars.

First and foremost, we have to look at genetics. If your parents suffered from acne, be it moderate or severe, it is likely that you’re going to go through the same thing. A lot of it has to do with the rate at which your skin is producing oil, and the way this is affecting the skin that lines the inside of your hair follicles.

Visiting with our dermatologist at our professional acne clinic is an excellent way to learn about effective acne treatments, as well as to get rid of your acne problem. Steps can also be taken to prevent your current acne from leading to acne scars in the future. And as anyone who is battling with permanent acne scars today can tell you, sometimes the acne scars are a lot worse than the acne itself.

There are other factors that will affect whether or not you get acne. For example, the food that you eat, the amount of stress that you are under, and changes to your hormones will all play a role in acne development.

Our team at Adams Dermatology in Columbia can help you identify what is behind your acne outbreaks and give you what you need to keep your acne under control. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our professional acne clinic.

Melanie Adams, MD, PA Melanie L. Adams, M.D. is a board-certified dermatologist who has been in private, solo practice since September 2005. She is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and American Society of Dermatologic Surgery. Her areas of expertise include skin cancer, dermatology of ethnic skin, general dermatology, and cosmetic dermatology.

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