SculpSure: The Best Way To Rid Yourself Of Stubborn Fat

 Dr. Melanie Adams, SculpSure, Adams Dermatology

Everybody has those problem areas where endless dieting and crunches don’t do the trick. Having something to hold on to while showing affection sounds sweet, but you’d rather lose the fatty handles, while still enjoying all the love.

We at Adams Dermatology offer an alternative and straightforward way to rid yourself of stubborn fat with SculpSure. Here’s how the noninvasive process works.

What to expect during a SculpSure treatment

Dr. Adams attaches paddles to the area you want to target, and the device wraps around you like a belt. At first, the machine is cool to the touch, but after a few seconds, it warms the areas around the paddles. The heat increasingly builds until it tingles, but the machine automatically reduces the temperature before it gets too hot. As the temperature reduces, the tingling and heat subside.

Your overall weight isn’t just made up of fat — it’s bones, organs, and fluid. Fat loss takes place at the cellular level. That’s why fat is so stubborn in certain areas, even when you push yourself harder at the gym.

Weight fluctuates as fat cells shrink and expand, so eliminating fat cells offers a simpler and more permanent solution without any invasive surgery. SculpSure utilizes heat technology to eradicate fat cells without suffering through freezing techniques that may bruise your skin or having liposuction tubes attached to your body.   

The average SculpSure treatment lasts 25 minutes and can eliminate 24% of fat cells in the area targeted. Concentrated heat focuses on the problem area, shocking the fat cells underneath your skin. The applicators utilize a 1060-nanometer diode laser that achieves a temperature of 107.6 and 116.6°F to eliminate fat cells without damaging tissue. Your body then utilizes its natural processes to rid itself of the unwanted fat — the lymphatic system drains the damaged fat cells over the next few weeks.

You see the shift start around six weeks and the most change around 12 weeks after the session. Two treatments are generally recommended to achieve the best results, but your case may differ. Generally, a consultation is booked before the treatment, but you can schedule the sessions for later.

A note on preparing for treatment: You may feel tempted to take a blood thinner or aspirin to prevent bruising, but check with your GP to see if these will interact with any medications you may currently take.

SculpSure recovery

After you receive the treatment, your skin will feel slightly tender. This discomfort may persist for a day or two, but that tends to be more of an exception. Typically, most patients finish without discomfort or bruising.

Which areas can SculpSure target?

In 2017, the Food and Drug Administration granted an expansion of the FDA 510(k) clearance for SculpSure to target pockets of fat in multiple areas of the body, such as love handles, bra line, arms, stomach, back, and outer and inner thighs. Even fat pockets that result from scar tissue can receive treatment with SculpSure.

Keep in mind that this procedure isn’t a weight loss treatment in and of itself. What it does is target problem areas that refuse to respond to traditional exercise and diet.

Adjusting your lifestyle to lose weight is hard. You put in so much work, and you expect to see that hard work achieve results. Unfortunately, your body functions in a way that may prevent the elimination of fat from love handles and other problem areas.


Rid yourself of that stubborn fat with SculpSure, a noninvasive procedure that uses concentrated heat to eliminate fat cells with zero to minimal side effects. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Melanie Adams to find out more about SculpSure. Trust in the team at Adams Dermatology who are here to offer the treatments you need to present your best self to the world.

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