Spots, Scars and Stretch Marks: Lasers Can Treat Them All

Are skin imperfections making you reluctant to go without makeup, or are you ready to give up on ever wearing that bikini again? Laser treatments can fade and diminish skin imperfections, rejuvenating or resurfacing your skin to reveal hidden beauty. 

Melanie L. Adams, MD, PA, is a dermatologist and medical aesthetic specialist who can provide you with a variety of laser treatments to treat your skin conditions and get rid of spots, scars, and stretch marks. 

Why you should choose laser skin treatment?

You might be surprised to learn that there are many different kinds of lasers that we can use to revitalize and remodel your skin. Each laser type works in a different way and may be more effective on a certain kind of skin imperfection than another.  

You can benefit from laser skin treatments in several ways. First, the laser can kick-start your body’s natural healing ability to change the way the surface of your skin looks and “de-age” it by prompting skin cell turnover and collagen production. 

Second, laser therapy is one of the most non-invasive skin treatment options, and that means you have little or no downtime.

Types of skin conditions laser treatment can help

There are many skin conditions that cause spots, scars, or stretch marks. We select the type of laser treatment that works best for your unique skin type and issue.

Rosacea and acne scars

Rosacea causes red bumps and spots on your face as well as visible red blood vessels. Acne can cause scarring and pitting of the skin. Dr. Adams uses Laser Genesis™ treatment to safely and effectively rejuvenate your skin, gently heating the lower layers to promote collagen production and help reduce the unevenness in your skin’s appearance.

Skin discoloration, age spots, freckles, and fine lines or wrinkles

The aging process causes spots of discolored skin that can grow larger and more numerous. Dr. Adams uses intense pulse light (IPL) delivered through a handheld laser device to flash your skin and disrupt the coloration of the skin cells. IPL therapy can lighten darker skin spots, tighten skin, and make your face look younger after just a few treatments. 

Fine lines and wrinkles

Dr. Adams also uses the Pelleve® radiofrequency (RF) energy laser for wrinkles and fine lines. It gently heats your skin below the surface, encouraging collagen and elastin production and smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles. 

Spider veins and varicose veins

Laser vein treatment sends a small burst of energy directly into a varicose vein, helping the vein walls to collapse and causing the blood to clot. This treatment closes off the spider vein, which then dies. Your body’s lymphatic system naturally disposes of the waste cells. 

If you’re ready for younger, smoother, and tighter skin, contact our office today to set up a consultation with Dr. Adams. You can call or request an appointment using our online system.

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