Look and Feel Rejuvenated with Chemical Peels

When you first start to notice changes in your skin, these changes can be unnerving. As you continue to age and these changes become more pronounced, they can even become the primary source of worry in your life. It is not uncommon for people to dread looking at themselves in the mirror. They feel discouraged when they see the way that age is robbing them of their beauty. It is for this reason that millions of people around the world are searching for that one product or treatment that can revolutionize their appearance and help them hold onto their youth. Thankfully, chemical peels often become that one treatment for many people.

Clinical research and anecdotal experiences alike show that chemical peels are an important part of any beauty routine for someone who is serious about maintaining their youthful appearance. Chemical peels are made from a wide range of substances, such as glycolic acids, phenol, lactic acids, or trichloroacetic acids, but each peel will be tailored to meet the needs of each patient.

Chemical peels cleanse and exfoliate the outer layer of the skin. This exfoliation, in turn, leads to cellular rejuvenation. It only stands to reason that if someone exfoliates their old skin and starts a process that brings the younger, healthier skin to the surface, they’re going to look better.

Depending on the formula that is used during the chemical peel process, its concentration, as well as its pH value, the treatment can lead to a light or deeper peel. Dr. Adams will help you decide what type of peel is right for you and what to expect with it during your consultation.

Chemical peels come with many benefits. Among the most noticeable benefits is cellular renovation, a process in which the skin produces much healthier cells than it once did. This leads to healthier, younger-looking skin. The treatment can also address a wide variety of skin issues, which you will be able to discuss during your consultation. A chemical peel leaves a person’s skin looking vibrant, healthy, and attractive.

For the best results, chemical peels should always be performed by a trained medical professional. Although a chemical peel is thought by some to be a cosmetic procedure, there is also a medical aspect to it. Receiving treatment from a professional like Dr. Adams ensures you get the best results.

Chemical peels are designed to make you look rejuvenated. If you look rejuvenated and like what you see in the mirror, it will positively impact nearly every other area of your life. If you are interested in learning more about what this treatment can do for you, visit Dr. Melanie Adams at Adams Dermatology. Contact our office in Columbia today to schedule your consultation and get started.

Melanie Adams, MD, PA Melanie L. Adams, M.D. is a board-certified dermatologist who has been in private, solo practice since September 2005. She is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology and American Society of Dermatologic Surgery. Her areas of expertise include skin cancer, dermatology of ethnic skin, general dermatology, and cosmetic dermatology.

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