How to address rosacea

Rosacea is a common condition characterized by prolonged blushing seen distributed over the central part of the face. Usually affecting young adults, rosacea can affect children and women disproportionately. Many patients in the Columbia, Maryland, area experience redness, which can be embarrassing. As a result, they often seek advice from a professional about possible treatment options.

What can be done for the treatment of rosacea?

Initially, the condition can be managed by topical and oral medications. However, as this is a chronic condition, the blushing that characterizes rosacea may become permanent and make patients self-conscious about their appearance. If you find it challenging to conceal rosacea with makeup, such as foundation, it may be wise to seek the advice of a board-certified dermatologist like Dr. Melanie Adams. She can provide you with guidance on various treatment options.

For rosacea, Dr. Adams has several different approaches she may consider to help her patients reduce or eliminate rosacea-affected facial skin. Some treatments that might be suggested include:

  • Chemical peels. A chemical peel is a great way to improve the appearance and feel of skin in areas affected by rosacea.
  • Laser treatments. Lasers can be used to reduce redness caused by rosacea, as well as diminish visible blood vessels.
  • Topical skincare products. With topical skincare products, patients can keep rosacea-affected areas nourished and hydrated to help reduce noticeable facial redness.
  • Oral Medications. 

Which treatment option is right for me?

Considering the severity of the condition, Dr. Adams will work with her patients to develop an individualized treatment plan tailored to their specific needs and goals. Rosacea is a condition that can be addressed with the right combination of treatments, and we strive to help reduce the redness that can be bothersome to patients. For some patients, determining the rosacea triggers can also help reduce redness on the face associated with this condition.

How do I learn more about rosacea skin care?

If you are dealing with rosacea on the face, around the nose, or anywhere else and find it challenging to maintain it, it might be a great time to connect with a board-certified dermatologist in Columbia, MD, to discuss your needs. The team at Melanie L. Adams, M.D. P.A. can be reached by calling (410) 910-2366 and booking a consultation at 10700 Charter Drive, Suite #320. She serves patients in Howard, Montgomery, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and the District of Columbia