Addressing scarring

Many different types of scars can develop on the skin. Dr. Melanie Adams, a board-certified dermatologist from Columbia, Maryland, regularly sees patients considering scar reduction or removal services. Whether the scar is from a past surgery, injury, or severe acne, our team can evaluate you to discuss available options.

What causes a scar to form?

After an injury, surgery, or minor trauma, a scar may form as the body tries to repair the damage to the skin. Although there are many different causes, most scars will show a change in, overgrowth of, or depletion in collagen production. These scars can be permanent, but there are treatment modalities that can repair, reduce the production of, or rebuild new collagen.

How can a scar be reduced or removed?

There are several approaches for reducing or removing scars, including:

  • Laser therapy. Laser therapy targets the scar tissue and breaks it down while stimulating new cell growth.
  • Steroid injections. Steroid injections can reduce inflammation in the area of the scar to minimize its size and texture.
  • Collagen-stimulating fillers. Collagen-stimulating fillers can help rebuild the area of skin where the scar is located while also encouraging new collagen production.
  • Topical creams. Topical creams are used to hydrate and nourish the skin while aiding in moisturization to reduce the appearance of a scar.

What should I expect during my first appointment with Dr. Melanie Adams?

Visits concerning scarring require a more in-depth consultation where the cause of the scarring and the best solution can be paired with your lifestyle and products. Acne scars are challenging to manage, depending on their presentation. To adequately treat acne scars, patients will need a comprehensive consultation to address both their acne and the resulting scarring.

How do I find out more about scar removal or reduction?

If you are interested in addressing skin scarring that might impact your self-confidence, we invite you to call (410) 910-2366 to request an appointment at the office of Melanie L. Adams, M.D. P.A., which is conveniently located in Columbia, MD, at 10700 Charter Drive, Suite #320. We are open to patients in and around Howard County, Montgomery County, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, and the District of Columbia.